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Daniel Stalder SA

Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of me...

Daniel Stalder SA

chemin Nicolas-Junker 5
2740 Moutier
We dispose a workshop very modern, containing a park the in amount of machines to cam Tornos throughout revised and can all escapades the in amount of variocame as well as some Robert & Schneider, machines to high speeds : 34 machines Tornos M7 to stop, 3 machines Tornos MS7, 2 machines Tornos R10, 3 machines Robert & Schneider to doll high speed.

Applications : Watch industry, automotive industry, micromecanique, connections.

Capacity manufacturing : the in amount of 1 to Ø 12 mm.

Special knowledge
Precision screw-cutting

DomainForging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
Staff8 people
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