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R. Montavon SA

Manufacture and processing of other glass, includi...

R. Montavon SA

Dos l'Essert 52
2856 Boécourt
Sapphire - mineral crystals :
- Machining of monocrystal and polycrystal components : sapphire, ruby, corundum and ceramic. Machining of industrial glasses (watch industry, jewellery, optics).
- Machining of various kinds of minerals : marble, granite, jade, quartz, lapis lazuli, etc.

Plastic industry :
- Manufacturing by injection, micro-injection and over-moulding of parts for different industries.
- Technology of polymer and composite forming.
- Development, design and manufacturing of moulds.

Engraving :
- Chemical, photochemical and laser engraving on gold, stainless steel, titanium, platinium and non ferrous metals.
- Personalised engraving and consecutive numbering.

Optical coating - vaccum metallization :
- Deposit of optical coatings (anti-reflexion).
- Metallization on mineral and sapphire crystals.
- Printing with transfer and silk screen process on any substrates.
- Creation and manufacturing of silk screen and printing plates.

Fields of application of the products :
- watch industry, jewellery, industrial equipments and supplies, automotive, transport and aeronautic industry, medical technology, optics, products conditioning, metrology, data processing, connections, telecommunications.

Special knowledge
Manufacturing of plastic and sapphire products

DomainManufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware
Activities 2Manufacture of other watch components
Activities 3Manufacture of other technical ceramic products
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