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S.Hauert Miécourt SA

Manufacture of clock and watch fittings

S.Hauert Miécourt SA

Route d'Alle 62f
2946 Miécourt
Fine turning and polishing of watches cases top range : stainless steel, gold.

Rectification between horns. Rectification of strips of flat squareness.

Rectification of strips of rounded (joint C).

Fine turning of wrist watches and clasps.

Grinding of bevels with polished and satin-like bottoms.

Polishing in the field of the medical one.

Computerized management of manufacturing (GPAO).

Skilled polishing from complex and various alloys.

Modeling of facets with ice stoning and pewter buff wheel.

Systematic quality control of all parts : at reception, intermediary control according to complete operating ranges and final control.

Special knowledge
Fine turning and polishing of watches cases

DomainManufacture of clock and watch fittings
Staff40 people
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