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W.Steinegger AG

Manufacture of electronic components

W.Steinegger AG

Byfangstrasse 15
2552 Orpund
Electric Control panels / Fabrication :

disposition, assembly and wiring according to standard EN 60204.
Modifications and transformations of existing installations.
Machinal confection of braids (cutting, marking, stripping and cable end setting).

Applications :

machine tools, food industry, pharma industry, conveying, compressors, pumps.

R + D Technical Office :

Etablissement of the specifications in collaboration with the customer.
Development of the file.
Development of the scheme.
Dimensioning of the components.
Development of the software (API).
Startup of the installation.
Optimization of the functions.
Maintenance and breakdown service on place or at a distance (téléservice).

Other services :

Sale of electrotechnical components (contactors, relays, cables channels.
Connection by the customer.
Electric tests with protocol according to standard EN 60204 (insulation, grounding).
Breakdown service for industrial installations.

Three-phase asynchronous motors / standard motors :
IEC 56 to IEC 132.

Special engines to measure :

Square or round housing. Rotor and stator for spindle motors.
Fine balancing.
Separate ventilation.
Liquid-cooled engines.
Special winding.
Central fixing.
Axes, flanges, etc. to measure.
Our high-quality engines correspond to the claims of quality of machine tool industry.

Other services :

Revision and repair of Steinegger engines and other manufacturers.
Modification or adaptations.
Coil winding.
Sale of mechanical components.
Balancing work (subcontracting): Spindles, pulleys, pinions, axes, ventilators, turning elements, tightening elements.

Special knowledge
Electric motors and electric control panels

DomainManufacture of electronic components
Staff40 people
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