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Amsonic AG/SA

Manufacture of other machine tools

Amsonic AG/SA

Zürichstrasse 3
2504 Biel/Bienne
Amsonic is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of industrial cleaning systems, e.g. precision cleaning, parts cleaning and degreasing.

Cleaning technologies : Ultrasonic cleaning, immersion cleaning, spray cleaning, vacuum (water-based or using non-chlorinated solvents, A3 solvents) and drying.

Application range : Watch making and jewellery industry, micro mechanics and metal industry, ceramics and plastics processing industry, medical implants industry, electric, electronics and semiconductor industry, optics and ophthalmic industry, aircraft and aerospace industry, shipbuilding and automobile industry, defence industry, tool coating industry (PVD, CVD etc.), decorative coatings industry, etc.

Product line : precision cleaning systems and parts cleaning systems (AquaLine, CleanLine, HandyClean, EVD, ECS, EgaClean, Swash), special cleaning equipment, small ultrasonic tanks, ultrasonic components, PreciClean detergents. Worldwide customer service.

Certification: ISO 9001.

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Industrial cleaning systems

DomainManufacture of other machine tools
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