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Well Diamond Wire Saws SA

Manufacture of other machine tools

Well Diamond Wire Saws SA

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The precision saws Diamond wire WELL cutting tools are universal and specific.

They work by chipping and fall into the category of mechanical machines.

They can make precise cuts in various materials. Metals: steel, hardened steel, copper, carbide, coated metals. Plastics: electrical enclosures, gaskets, polymers, composites, shaped elements honeycombs. Ceramics: sintered, pressed, alumina, and other
Semiconductors, crystals, glasses, multilayer materials
Bone, dental implants, medical implants
Geological Coring, minerals from all sources, concrete, wood.
Destruction of nuclear waste by sawing easier to condition, micro-cut cutting rocket body diameter of 0.60 m, there is always a saw WELL.

As the machine works by gravity, there is no effort on the part and it does not cause heating and does not alter the molecular structure. The advance is based on the nature and hardness of the material. The mechanical destruction is zero, because of the small mass of wire, very fine selection of sizes and a low pressure force.
-The cut is smooth and flawless. The edges are sharp edges even on brittle materials.
-Fixation of samples is done by gluing or clamping.
-Cuts are precise flatness and parallelism.
-The state of very fine surface decreases the time of final polishing if that helps.
The liquid-cutting permits cleaning of the wire and prevents it from clogging, it is also possible to cut certain materials dry, exp. some cores.
The diamond wire used was developed by WELL SA and we have 30 years experience in this field, we produce the son of diameter 0.07 to 0.70 mm with sizes ranging from 10? to 64?.
The wire-saw machines are safe and reliable and low cost of maintenance.
In constant development, we certainly have the solution to your problem.

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Manufacture of diamond wire saws

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