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Petitpierre SA

Manufacture of other watch components

Petitpierre SA

Chemin des Murgiers 12
2016 Cortaillod
The mastery of tools :

The equipment, systems and tooling supplied by F. Petitpierre SA are all developed in close collaboration with your specialistes to ensure the best response to your precise expectations.

Applications :

- medicine
- aerospace
- automotive
- and telecommunications
- without at any time losing touch with our core skill, semi-automatic or automatic assembly for the watchmaking industry.

To this end, our personnel are committed to offering you their vast experience in the assembly of components of any kind, including complex shapes, lightweight and miniature components, and similar features that can make the production process more complex.

Tooling :

From 8-digit dynamometric screwdrivers to the sorting and selection of micro-components, the problem remains the same: the complete Iack of suitable tooling on the market.

To address thes deficit, F. Petitpierre SA always identifies your specific needs before proceeding with the design and creation of the tool to solve your problem.

The experience we have gained from providing quality solutions to the great names in the watchmaking industry helps us to speed up the development of the ideal solution for your requirements. It garantees the functionality and ergonomics of the tooling.

"Coffret tradition" (high-quality watch tools)

Sub-contracting :

We offers production facilities for sub-contractor in many different sectors.

Special knowledge
Assembly and toos for the high-quality watchindustry

DomainManufacture of other watch components
Activities 2Manufacture and assembly of watch movements
Activities 3Manufacture of metal forming machinery
Staff30 people
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