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Chemin de Prapion 3
2520 La Neuveville
Fondness for metal.
The mechanical factory of UMC has been machining metal for over hundred years. UMC S.A. is able to scope with all of its customer's requirements and produces parts upon request. It also creates and designs its own range of products.

Stamp production :
According to the quality of the material, the shape and the accuracy required, UMC S.A. manufactures this enables to transform a flat metal sheet into a concave shape.

Cutting :
Cutting allows to produce any kind of flat shapes, up to sinuous and sophisticated ones. UMC S.A. creates and manufactures the required tools to comply with customer's demand.

Our products :
A complete range of baskets / washing sieves in various meshes. Baskets in wire netting : the sieves, screens and baskets allow to stock components for washing, selecting and sterilization operations. They can be adapted for integration into robotic manufacturing or pallets units.
Manufacturing of containers : for stocking with label holder, for washing in various dimensions, for washing machines with ultrasonic bath.
Manufacturing of boxes and baskets for galvanization bath, in different sizes.

Subcontacting :
Mass production, metal forming, cutting, folding, drawing, stamping, in standard or special materials, example : stainless steel 1.4301 - 1. 4021 etc, titanium ( various grades).

Applications :
Watch industry, medical industry, design, shape cutting, washing baskets, automation, palettisation units, industrial supplies, military supplies.

Special knowledge
Precision mechanics, stamping and cutting

DomainMechanical workshops
Staff20 people
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