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WENKA Karl Wenger SA

Mechanical workshops

WENKA Karl Wenger SA

La Condemène 3
2950 Courgenay
Founded in 1970, Wenka poroposes you a large experience in fine turning and screw-cutting operations from Ø 1 to 16 mm. CNC and conventional. Manufacture for all fields of use and in all kinds of material. We offer irreproachable products, special adaptations, advice and assistance, a quick reply to any inquiry.

Equipement :
several cam machines Tornos MS7-R10, Bechler AR 10, Tornos-Bechler ENC-74, ENC-162, ENC-75, ENC-164, DECO 2000.

Materials :
steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, cuproberyllium, nickel silver, arcap, aluminium, titanium, syntacoben, precious metals, special alloys.

Secondaries :
gear cutting, milling, drilling, boring, threading, tapping, etc. Turning with diamond tool.

Applications :
potentiometer screws, telecommunications, electronics, dental products, writing instruments, equipment, connectors, straight and bent contacts, computer cam calculation, cam production, inductiv sensor body.

ISO 9001 /2008
ISO 13485 /2003

Special knowledge
Precision screw-cutting

DomainMechanical workshops
Staff36 people
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