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Seuret SA

Repair of machinery

Seuret SA

Rue Saint-Randoald 2
2800 Delémont
Reconstruction of automatic lathes Tornos.

Regular production :
multiform milling attachment Piranha 46 .

This attachment has been especially developped for machining polygonal shapes and for dive-cutting threads on " Tornos " and " Bechler " automatics.

It offers rational solutions to any turning, micromechanic, attachment manufacturing problems, as well as to watch making, screw and connector manufacturing jobs.

Ait permits to avoid complicated and costly second operations.
Especially interesting for short threading operations near the component faces.

Technical data :
adaptation Tornos typoes M/, MS7, R10, NA12, Tornos type M4, Bechler type AS7, AR10.

Drive :
By notched belt or individual motor (on demand).

Spindle :
speed 10'000 rpm max. (no maintenance).

Tungsten carbide tool :
dia Ø 47 mm, width 6 mm max.

Fields of use :
polygonal and straight milling operations, pyramid milling, cones and flats, multi-faces, rectangles, dive-in threading operations, etc.

Special knowledge
Overhaul of machines (reconditioning)

DomainRepair of machinery
Activities 2Mechanical workshops
Staff10 people
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